A few feet below the stormy waves
there is always still calm water
Mo Bury
“Everyone is doing the best they can
given the thinking they have that
looks real to them...”
Syd Banks
“All we are is love, peace and wisdom;
and the power to create the illusion
that we are not...”
Jack Pransky
Uncertainty is inevitable.
Insecurity is optional...
In difficult times the ones who survive are those who truly understand the needs of their customers
Mo Bury
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step
Thomas Jefferson said: "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

There are £ Billions spent every year on training and coaching
to get different results in business, so why isn’t it working,
why don’t people use what they learn?

As a transformative coach and trainer, I have spent over 15
years looking for the answer to that question.
I believe I’ve found the answer.

Better thinking
for better business

Most money spent to achieve better results is spent on developing skills but even when something makes sense for us and we know how to do it, if it doesn’t feel right we won’t do it.

Behaviour doesn’t change because of new skills it changes because when we see something differently, we relate to it differently. New skills can help but a new perspective can work miracles AND you don’t have to keep re-training. When something makes more sense for us, we won’t go back to the old behaviour.

Behaviour Change

Employee Engagement

Guest Speaking


(Sales, leadership, speaking, personal success & more)

What my clients say

Why bother investing in a coach?

We grow up learning how to behave, think and act based on what we learn from our parents, teachers and peers but what if that learning isn’t useful anymore. Although we learn more as we grow up, often the early teachings will be embedded and are hard to overcome. People say things like, it’s just the way I am, when they mean it’s just the way I am based on how I have been taught to think

Behavioural change sometimes comes easily when we see something differently. A good coach will help you see alternative perspectives that can set you free from old thinking habits.

Call me for a free chemistry meeting where we can discover if I’m the right fit for you to be free from the restraints of unhelpful thinking and help you create what you want to have in your life.

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Our thinking habits are what cause most of the problems we experience and when we change our thinking we change our experience to:

– Reduce stress and increase resilience
– Feel more confident
– Find and develop motivation for self and others
– Increase personal or employee engagement
– Enjoy better mental health
– Better Leadership impact