Behaviour Change

If your journey to work was filled with traffic and roadworks and I showed you a different route that was faster and less stressful you wouldn’t need a training course to remind you to take the new route, you’d just change.

When we see some something differently we relate to it differently.

After years of studying behaviour I have developed a ‘knack’ for finding ways to help people change their perspective.

I will help you get clear about what behaviours you need, in order to achieve your desired outcomes, then design a programme to guide you or your people to change their way of thinking.

It could be a one off conversation or a full training programme delivered on line (or in person if we ever get back to that). It all depends on how stuck the current thinking is.

I’ve guaranteed my training for years and have never yet been asked for a refund.


Employee Engagement

If you only engage peoples’ hands, they will work in exchange for your money, but if you engage their hearts and their minds you will get so much more.

Revenue impacting problems in business are mostly people related; stress and overwhelm causing lack of focus, poor leadership impact, lack of team connection and trust, low customer service experience due to detached attitude, missed opportunities due to silo thinking, absenteeism, punctuality issues, disengagement, lack of creative problem solving.

After many years of learning how the brain affects behaviour, I can usually figure out how to help people change and help them discover and enjoy the best in themselves and so contribute more to your organisation.
My training or coaching will Increase confidence, help people find purpose and pride in their work and connect what they do with their personal core values

When people understand how to get the most from their brain, wonderful transformations happen. I’ve seen this many times. When your people reach their potential, your business will too.

I will help you discover where the gaps are to developing engaged and empowered employees then design a solution which could involve working with your leadership team, or the employees themselves in a variety of formats including individual or group coaching, on line or in person training or simply a seminar or key note talk.


Guest Speaking

If you’re looking for a speaker for your event and you’d like something people will remember then I might be just what you’re looking for. No need to take my word for it, have a look at over 100 testimonials on LinkedIn.

I enjoy sharing the things I’ve learned over the past 20 years and love to get people involved and have fun.

The subject can vary according to the needs of the audience and the outcome you want ie, what do you want them to be saying, doing, thinking differently after your meeting.



I deliver a learning experience in a “Brain Friendly Learning” style. This means that the learners create their learning rather than being spoon fed from Power Point slides and the experience should involve activities, discussion, variety, fun and their mood or state is critical for the learning to be sticky.

I train in the usual soft skill subjects such as presenting, sales, leadership, engagement, Resillience etc and will always approach each subject at a level that touches how they feel and think about it rather than just skills.

Eg You can teach a person to network but if they’re afraid of rejection they won’t go and start a conversation. When they see it differently, ie it’s just making friends with a view to maybe helping each other in a business way too if appropriate, or seeing that to not approach that person is unkind as you are denying them from knowing how much you can help them, then it stops being so scary!

I particularly enjoy helping people that don’t want to call themselves “salesperson” to see sales differently. Personally, I love selling, I get to help people achieve their goals in exchange for a value-based fee. With all sales training I focus on the ‘how to be’ before the ‘what to do’. When people feel their natural most confident self, they can usually tell what they need to do.



We only have one head. That head is mostly filled by other people’s ideas about who we should be and sometimes our own head can’t see other perspectives. I believe a good coach is an outside independent head. Using quality questions, reflection, clean unbiased language and a variety of coaching tools collected over the last 15 years and many many courses, books and experience I can usually help people find what they are looking for. A mentor will tell you what to do, where as a good coach will help you figure out what to do for yourself.

At the moment most of my coaching is online but face to face or phone is an option if appropriate.

All of my potential clients will have a free “chemistry meeting”. This is where we can discover if they want to work with me (as choosing a coach is a very personal thing) and I can also find out if I feel I am the right fit for them.

If we agree we want to work together we can agree on terms etc. I aim to get my clients into a place where they don’t need me as soon as possible, usually in 4- 6 x 90 minute sessions.

That way they are more likely to recommend me ☺


Sales Coaching

After 22 years in sales and sales management and a further 12 years in sales training I have come across most of the challenges you might be experiencing in business development.

I can often help you enjoy sales more and enjoy more sales.

“Some coaches are like a warm hug but for me, Mo is more like a punch in the arm which is just what I needed.”