This part of my web site is supposed to be all about me, I’ll cover that in a moment but first let’s think about you

Humans are awesome. I mean seriously mind numbingly, outstandingly brilliant. Just think about it for a second…. you put the chemistry in place (egg and sperm) and then get out of the way. Every cell knows what to do, it knows how to divide and whether it’s supposed to become and elbow or an ear, it knows how to grow, all babies have an innate desire to learn, they want to walk and instinctively know what they need to do in order to make that happen. Our immune system is the most unbelievably complicated, intricate, intelligent system that no human could have designed yet we take it for granted that if we cut ourselves, our body knows to stop the bleeding, then close up the hole but only with enough skin so it doesn’t grow another limb!

And it doesn’t stop there, just consider the immense power of thought we have to interpret our environment and create our experience moment to moment. The natural ability we all have to create new concepts, new perspectives, new ways of thinking and living our lives.

That innate awesomeness is in all of us, honestly, it is, but most of us don’t ever tap into it because when we were growing up, we learned some things that hold us back.

The right coach or trainer can help you learn how your thinking habits are stopping you from reaching your true authentic best self. The right coach or trainer can help you find your own purpose and guide you to find ways to get past the thinking habits that hold you back.

When we tap into that, when we begin to unveil our true brilliance, that’s when the magic happens, that’s what makes you or your people achieve amazing things and live amazing lives.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit gushy but it’s a big part of what makes me do what I do.

I’m on a life-long mission to unleash the potential of everyone I work with.

So who is Mo Bury and why should you choose to work with her?

Potted history first:

I’ve had a very successful 25 year career in business to business sales and sales management. By 38 I was married to a very creative musician, had 2 lovely daughters and was living through a home renovation project.

Within 6 months my life fell apart. I discovered that my marriage was over, the house I lived in was now deemed unsafe due to a cowboy builder and I my job had been re-structured and I didn’t agree with my new boss’s way of doing things.

Eventually I broke! My arms and legs stopped working and I had to be fed and cared for, for a month. I was told I was having the physical equivalent of a nervous breakdown.

Why am I telling you all this?

I’d hit rock bottom yet I can now see it was the best thing that ever happened to me. At the time I knew that there were only 2 choices: 1)to stop living (which wasn’t an option, I had two kids), or 2) to figure out a better way of being human.

As a result I have invested many thousands of hours in anything and everything I could find to help me understand behaviour and how to change it.

I’ve studied with some of the world’s leading experts in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Transactional Analysis, Solutions Focus, Clean Language, 3 Principles and more.

I am constantly looking for the next thing to learn that will help me to help other people.